Safety Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration with family and friends.  Decorative ideas abound, including menorahs, scented candles, inflatables of every kind, strings and strings of holiday lights, and too many customs and traditions to note.  Time spent in the kitchen offers pleasing aromas of pies, cookies and cakes.  It also brings time with friends and family, both home and away.

Never leave burning candles and food on and in the stove unattended. Arrange for friends or family to visit your home daily while away to assure your live tree has plenty of water.  Inspect the wires on decorations and  lights for damage and toss damaged items in the trash.  It is not worth loss of life and property to save a few dollars by repairing damage.

For more holiday safety tips, visit our friends at Underwriters Laboratories who are offering 31 Days of Holiday Safety GIFS.

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